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    Default Illinois to Where?!

    Two 18-year-olds and one 16-year-old going on a senior trip to... somewhere. We thought we had it down to the South, because the East was too expensive and nothing else really appeals - but now we realized the South is the only place all of us has been! Two of us haven't travelled at all and one's been all around. Where would be fun, and have activities accessable for all of us?

    Also, this is planned for the end of July - the 28th to begin (at 12:30, the second my summer college class is over! :))

    And our interests would probably be good! The 18-year-old girl loves theater, music, and the paranormal. All of us would love a few stops to ghost-hunt. The 18-year-old guy likes culture - especially Latin stuff. He's travelled a lot, even lived in south America, so he just wants a lot of adventure to remember. He's fluent in Spanish so that could help us out. And I, a 16-year-old-girl, want culture too. Anything memorable for me will work. I'm just along for the ride, basically.

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    Given the interests you've expressed, the most likely destinations I can think of are Philadelphia, New York City and/or Boston. Others can give you specifics about those cities better than I, but at first thought, that's where I'd go given your preferences! (Do a search on ghosts and the city names and you'll come up with some things in that direction, and the music and culture should also be easy to find). Good luck and have a great trip! Bob

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    Default New Orleans

    I'm not into ghostly stuff but I think that New Orleans is noted for haunted areas and apparitions.

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    If you like culture and especially Latin culture, you could visit some of the Spanish missions in El Paso, TX. Or you could go to San Antonio, it seems like a very cultural city (theathers, history, architecture...). You'll also find a lot of Cuban influence in Southern Florida (and great radio stations for latin music) Paranormal? Hum...For UFO stuff, you should go to Roswell, NM and for Voodoo stuff to New Orleans, LA.


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    Default New Orleans?

    I think New Orleans is a very poor choice of destinations, given your ages. While it's a beautiful city and rich in culture, it is also one of the more hardcore party spots in the entire country. Not the place for a 16 year old.

    I'd drive east if you're looking for history and culture. The previously suggested New York or Philadelphia are good choices (albeit expensive ones) and you should also consider Boston and the Baltimore-to-D.C. areas.

    Good luck and safe driving.



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