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    I'm gonna be in the midwest and on a tight schedule. I'm going to Indianapolis for a weekend and am planning on going to a concert in Columbus, OH. Anyone know how the drive on I-70 is between these cities and if 3-1/2 hours is enough to make it?


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    You should be OK -- the drive can be done in a little over 3 hours (190 miles). However, I am not sure whether there is any construction on that route at the moment or not. I know someone that lives along that corridor and I will ask them and report back to you later. Bob

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    Default No major construction

    Checking on DOT websites and Microsoft Streets and Trips, I don't see any major construction delays btw Indy and Columbus -- there are 3 or 4 minor areas that shouldn't slow you down much.

    Your mileage could be even less than as noted in the first post, depending on your start and end points -- so the travel time could actually be less than 3 hours (possibly).

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    Default Thanks Bob

    My hotel in Indy is near the airport and our
    end point is gonna be the Schottenstein Center,
    I think it's at Ohio St. University.
    I'll just plug in the addys on Mapquest, usually
    they seem to be a little bit on the higher side when it comes to driving times.
    Thanks again for your help.


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    Chuck Guest

    Default Airport

    The airport is on the west side of Indianapolis, so that will add a little bit of time to your trip, but really not much because the airport is right off of I-70. Only about 10-15 minutes longer for that than if you were going from downtown Indy.

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