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    Default 4-day road trip from LA-Yellowstone-LA

    My buddy and I are planning to go on a road trip from Los Angeles to Yellowstone and back in only four days in early August. Our plan is to just to rough it out wherever it is safe and allowed. We will just bring our sleeping bags with us. We want this trip to be as low-cost as possible. Is 4 days good enough? We just want to see Yellowstone and Grand Teton. Any suggestions and recommendations?

  2. Default Only 4 days

    Having only 4 days wouldn't stop me from the attempt, but of course it is not ideal. You can easily spend 4 days JUST checking out Yellowstone alone, not to mention GTNP. With 4 days, I figure you can just about drive there and back, if you don't stop anywhere. But that's an adventure in itself, so if it is what you want to do, go for it. Bob

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    Default Just so you know

    It's over 1000 miles each way and you will have to drive two 15 hour days just so you can spend two days in the parks.

    Make sure you camp in designated campgrounds within the parks.


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    Default fast trip

    I just checked the message board, and I aplogize for that, but I would also add things like emergency stuff. Like- making sure your car is working correctly, in other words take it to your mechanic and have him check belts, fluids, tires, etc. Since this will be a hard drive, you might want to take along extra belts. The summer can be hard on a car, and you don't want to find yourself stranded somewhere. Then, it gets to be expensive to get things fixed. I don't mean to frighten you about this trip, but it's only common sense. Take along a cell phone if you have one.

    But, above all, enjoy the trip. It sounds like fun.

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