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    Default switching coasts

    I'm moving from the Philly area to Portland, OR in late October/early November. I'm hoping to curve my route to the South a little bit so as to dodge the beginning of winter in the Midwest. I don't plan on being in a big rush, and am looking forward to crossing the country right before Election Day! I don't want to being on major, identical highways the whole time - any ideas?

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    Default Most interstates aren't boring

    I have few specific suggestions. If the roads aren't bad, you might really enjoy going on Hwy 26 through Oregon if you are coming into Oregon from the east. However, then you would miss the Columbia River Gorge area which is fantastic! But, of course, you could always catch that on a weekend jaunt later since it's very close to Portland. If you are coming up from the south, I would suggest driving the Oregon Coast.

    At the time of year you are going, you are likely to get snow/ice conditions and, IMHO, the interstates can be the safest way to travel in those conditions as they are less likely to be icey.

    And I disagree that interstates are identical. I've done a lot of traveling on interstates, as well as back roads. The scenery on interstates is constantly changing and not all interstates are jam-packed with towns along the side of the highway. There are numerous long stretches of interstate in the mid-west and west that go through wonderful scenery and have long stretches without much in the way of town or other buildings along them.

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    Default midwest winter october/nov

    Obviously the weather differs from year to year but i have driven from Seattle to NY twice the last week in October. I did I-94 through ND one year and I-90 through SD the other year. On the days it snowed, the plows were out right away and the roads were clear and easy to drive on. As a single female traveling i definately feel more comfortable driving on the interstates in the snow than smaller highways.

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