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    Default from kc to phoenix

    I'm moving from kansas city to phoenix, arizona and I would like to find interesting stops along the way.... We will be driving along Interstate 40.
    I'm leaving this saturday and can't wait to hear what you all suggest!

  2. Default How much non-drive time do you have?

    It would help to know how much time you can devote, so we can suggest things within that range. Bob

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    Default How much time?

    Depending on how much time you have for this trip and what are your interests, you could go visit some NP in Utah : Bryce is magnificient, Grand Canyon (Northern AZ), Mesa Verde, I heard Zion NP and the Lake Powell areas are really gorgeous too.

    If you're into cowboy stuff and history, you could head north west towards western Nebraska, follow the Platte River and take the Oregon Trail (highway 26) to small typical western towns (eg : Bridgeport), find a rodeo, visit places like Chimney Rock, Scottsbluff NM and Fort Laramie (WY), have breakfast in a diner in Torrington (WY) and chat with locals, have a beer in a Saloon.

    You could stick to route 40 and find the remains of Old Route 66, but I'm not really familiar with that area. You could head south, and visit small towns in New Mexico and drive through the desert towards Phoenix and take the Apache Trail (AZ). Ask Bob about it, he is THE specialist

    Have a great trip!

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