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    Default Camping with Hookups near Sun Valley

    We are planning a three week road trip in the fall, At one point we are driving from Crater Lake NP to Yellowstone NP - which is what too far for one day. I have broken it up into three legs. We are stopping at Farewell Bend SP on the Oregon/ID border. For the second stop, my 11 year old daughter has her heart set on Sun Valley. She loves to Ice Skate, and would love to skate in the outdoor rink there. I am happy to accomodate her. We need to stay at a place with hookups, so our battieries are completely charged before heading into Yellowstone (we have a popup, so we will be dry camping). In Sun Valley/Ketchum there are two RV resorts.

    Sun Valley RV Resort
    The Meadows

    nearby in Bellevue is:

    Riverside RV and Campground.

    Other than the Foghorn CG guide, I cannot find any info about any of these places - no reviews, no websites, no mention in the AAA or Woodall Guides. If anyone has been to any of these places, I would love to hear your opinions.


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    Default Sun Valley

    I just say your inquiry in June about Sun Valley RV parking. I am planning a trip in July to the same area. Did you go and how were the RV parks. Where did you stay? Would you stay there again?

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    Default RV parks in Sun Valley

    The Sun Valley RV Park is beautiful. We camped there a few times about 8 years ago. It's located on the Big Wood River with full hook-ups and a nice shower area. It's located near a paved multi-use path that goes on for over 20 miles. It's just south of Ketchum, which people often confuse with Sun Valley. Sun Valley is really just the resort, which is also very nice (no RV sites, however.) Hope that helps!

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    Default Thanks for the field report!


    Thanks for the information -- this is exactly the type of field intel that makes this forum such a great resource.


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