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    i will be leaving st louis in early augest and taking a week or so to get to coventry vermont. I am looking to schedule my trip. I want to find cool stops ( fishing, monuments, outdoorsy stuff, cool campgrounds) i will be driving alone so about 6 hours a day travel. If anyone has suggestions i would love to hear from you. My way back home will hopefully have more time to travel,

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    If you're a nature's lover, I recommend you avoid all the D.C., Baltimore, Philadelphia and NYC area, unless you like to drive through traffic jams. You could head north and go across Upper NY State, there are a lot of great sceneries in the Adirondacks region. If you like to hike, you can go to White Face Mountain or Catamount Mountain which is a lighter hike.

    In Northern Vermont, you will find many fishing opportunities, especially along the Missisquoi River which runs near the Canadian Border. If you enjoy swimming in a country setting, go to Montgomery (VT) and find the Fire Hall, just park your car and go behind the building, you'll find a walking path that will lead you to a crystal clear river (Missisquoi) and nice falls.

    Also, Pointe Au Roche State Park near Plattsburgh (NY) is a very nice place for fishing and swimming. If you want to avoid the entrance fee (6$), go to the other end of the park, there's a bicycle path, walking paths and what I believe is a ornithology site, there's free parking there. To swim, just follow the bicycle path for about 2 miles and you're in the park on the southern bank of Lake Champlain. To fish, pick any of the walking path, just put your stuff on a shady rock and fish!:-) You can also fish in Lake Memphremagog in Newport (VT) right next to Coventry, there are a few nice places.

    Oh and don't forget to buy some Green Mountain Coffee, Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream and spend some time in Burlington!!:-)

    Enjoy your trip!

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