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    Regarding the rising costs of fuel this year.. does anyone know what the average price of gasoline is in California and Arizona? I'm planning a trip from San Antonio to San Francisco next month and trying to estimate my fuel costs. Just need cost of regular unleaded in these states so I can get a roundabout estimate. Also, has anyone traveled I-40? Anything interesting along that highway besides Grand Canyon and Meteor Crater and Petrified Forest?? Thanks a million!!

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    Arizona will have different prices in different places, as the origin of the supply varies from town to town. Right now, in Phoenix, unl reg gas ranges from 1.89 to over 2.10, with most stations right between 1.99 and 2.04, (from what I've seen and in the newspaper). Prices WERE coming down some, but that trend has been arrested for the past couple of days. Bob

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    Price of gasoline prices for any spot in the USA and Canada can be viewed by clicking on the "Gas Buddy" link on our <a href = "">Fuel Cost Calculator</a> page.

    Ever hear of Route 66? I-40 follows much of that historic route. <a href = "">Click here</a> for a couple hundred suggestions for things to see along I-40.


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