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    Default san francisco to denver on I-80

    A friend and I are planning on a road trip from SF to denver in the first/second week on July. We will be renting a SUV. After I cross Reno and until salt lake city, we will have to drive in Nevada. Can anyone please let me know if it safe to drive in Nevada due to the summer heat and other road conditions?

    Thanks in advance.

  2. Default See other thread!

    Another thread from today discusses this very issue -- the answer to your question is below in the thread about a roadtrip from San Jose to Dallas. Take a look.

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    Default Old Motorhome

    We drive our old 1985 motorhome across Nevada all the time without any problems. I'm sure the vehicle you rent will be a lot new one. Keep an eye on the gauges and carry water. The roads are fine.


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