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    Default Can somebody answer me this question...

    Can anyone tell me if the drive from San Luis Obisbo on highway 1 (PCH) is a good road to travel. Meaning, does it have a lot of curves where you can only go 15 mph? Last year our family went on highway 1 north of San Francisco and everyone was reaching for the barf bag because it was so windy.

    I'm not looking to making any record driving time, however, I don't want to be driving on switch-backs for 100 miles.

  2. Default Twisty roads

    Yes, that road is a twisty one -- very similar to what you drove last summer north of SFO. It runs along the edges of and up and down bluffs and cliffs, and around inlets. However, you can minimize the stomach-fluttering effects by taking it slowly. PCH is one of the most scenic drives in the country, so it'd be a shame to avoid it because of the curves! Bob

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