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    imported_Josh Guest

    Default Scooter across america 35 mph

    I was wondering if it would be completely RETARDED to go from Alabama to L.A. on a Moped? But I would definitly not get on the Interstates, but I was wondering if it would be fun or dumb, and I am thinking it would be the greatest thing ever... I would take back roads the whole way, camp and eat in strange resturaunts the entire way, wouldnt that be great? email me and let me know if this is cool or completely DUMB.... thank you.. josh

  2. Default Why not?

    I've known people to do this on bicycles, on foot, and perhaps you remember the story from the news in the 1990s about the guy who rode a lawn tractor across the midwest!

    It would be brutal to try to cover large numbers of miles on a scooter if you are in a hurry. BUT, if you can take your time, stop when and where you want, it would be an unforgettable adventure, without a doubt. Bob

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    Default Go for it!

    Well, first off, I know plenty of people who think that people who take trips longer than 300 miles by car are insane, so, who cares what they think?

    You can't get on the Interstates (legally). But otherwise, this sounds like it would be a really fun trip, though it might take quite awhile. Be careful of monsoonal rainstorms!

    A guy I used to work with drove to work (about 10 miles) on his lawn 4:30am. I'm still amazed he didn't get arrested.

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    imported_Josh Guest

    Default Thanks,

    thanks guys, I am so wanting to do this, I just bought a Scooter from HONDA, it is called a RUCKUS, and it does about 35mph, but What i planned on doing is camping the whole way at free camping sites, and just having a great time and Enjoying the outdoors. I used to be in a band called trustcompany, and we toured the U.S. many times but it was in a BUS, so I didnt get to see much, so maybe this time i will get to see stuff I didnt get to then. any sites on free camp grounds? or cheap ones? Thanks again guys... josh

  5. Default Free camping

    You might run an internet search on "free camping" and see what comes up. You probably won't find too many developed campgrounds that do not charge (I'd be surprised if you found ANY), but you CAN often camp on public lands at no charge. BLM and the Forest Service call this "dispersed camping." It'll be like back-packing. You won't have any facilities of any kind, and you carry everything in, and carry everything out. Also, check out the developed campgrounds -- some of the LESS developed ones might be had for less than $10, if you get lucky!

    It's not hard to do this -- you have to think about how you will accomplish the necessities in some convenient manner. How will you eat? Where will you take care of a daily shower and shave? Etc. Complicating things for you will be the limited storage capacity you have on such a small machine. However, you can get by with very little and more simply than most folks think is possible -- so be creative and think outside the "box."

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    imported_Stan Guest

    Default Go for it!

    My wife and I are planning a trip that's even CRAZIER: Virginia to Oregon via moped. Actually, she'll be on a moped (Yamaha Zuma), I'll be on a pedal bike. (She has bad knees, so she can't pedal.)

    We'll be following the Transamerica bike trail, which HUNDREDS cyclists do every year, using maps from Adventure Cycling Association ( Go to their web site and check out their Southern Tier route. It passes through Mobile, AL on its way to San Diego, CA. Their maps route you along secondary roads, and give food and lodging info.

    My wife and I have taken several weekend trips, plus a 530 mile two-weeker. We LOVE bike touring; you get to see the country in a whole new way.

    Go for it!

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    Hey imported_Josh,

    How did your Scooter road trip go? I was thinking about going on a scooter road trip once i get my scooter next year.I don't drive and i want to go on road trips. I have 2 dream trips. 1. San Francisco to Los Angeles 2. San Francisco to New York City.
    It's so good to see people going on road trips not using Cars or RV.

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    Default Big Trip - Little Vehicle

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America forum, sologrl.

    Unfortunately, Josh has not been active on the forums for a couple of years. I will tell you my one experience with such an adventure. My brother set out to go coast to coast on a small motorcycle (about 250 cc if memory serves) starting from Wilmington, DE. Three days later I got a call from Abingdon, VA to come get him. The cycle had been unable to cross the Appalachians in one piece, let alone the Rockies. As others have pointed out in the thread you exhumed, people have crossed the country on less (I believe, in fact, that despite the romantic image of Conestoga Wagons, most pioneers actually crossed the continent on foot.) you absolutely must be prepared to be stranded in the middle of nowhere if you make such a journey. San Francisco to Los Angeles on CA-1, however, could be a hoot.


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    Thanks for the welcome.I had a feeling my 2nd dream scooter trip was too much(Ca to NYC).LOL.I think i better stick with SF to LA.
    Hey AZBuck have you even been to the Grand Canyon.

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    Default A Few Times

    Yes, I've been to the Grand Canyon, both the north and south rims, in various weather conditions and by different modes of travel. It has presented a different aspect each time, but has always awe inspiring, even the quick trip with some foreign guests when it was totally fogged in!


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