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    Default Food options?

    We're making a trip from Minnesota to California this summer with our two kids, and need to save as much money as possible. We're planning to take food for our three-day drive, and want it to be as cheap and space saving as possible. I'm thinking of instant oatmeal, fruit, sandwich stuff and ???? Any good tasting options that fit? Any and all suggestions appreciated. (I'll probably pass on road kill, though.)

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    GORP!! Good Old Raisins and Peanuts. With some M & Ms and maybe sesame sticks thrown in. Very filling and tasty.

  3. Default Popcorn!

    But with kids it'll be all over the car! I also make use of materials for sandwiches that don't have to be refrigerated -- like peanut butter and jelly.

    Be careful while transporting fresh fruit -- I wrap mine individually in paper towel or something to keep them from bouncing around and getting bruised. If you don't do that, they will be mush by the time you want to eat them!


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    ITS ALL ABOUT THE ASIAN FOOD STORE! Trust me on this one, filling, yummy, small packaged , VERY inexpensive food. The kids will love these things called yo-yo's or Pocke. There sesame sticks dipped in chocolate, but not that fattening. Also, chocolate soy milk. Kids love it and it comes in juice box size but a lot more filling than regular juice. But, if you don't have one nearby, I suggest those vienna sausages and baby crackers. It's NOT just for babys! Yummy, small, and easy to digest. Have a fun trip, make sure(if you can) to bring the dvd player with some headphones for the kids(so you don't go insane!)

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    granola bars, cheese, crackers, Pop-tarts (if you like them untoasted, I do), nuts, low-carb bars (if you like them and are going low-carb), beef jerky, licorice

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