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    Brooks Guest

    Default Destinationless road trip. Need ideas.

    I'm taking a road trip from northeast Georgia to wherever the road takes me. I'm leaving on July 7th at around midnight and planning to drive either north, west, or northwest. I'll be driving most of the night until the early morning when my girlfriend will take over the wheel. We will continue driving until we find someplace neat to stop. We will be driving and staying overnight throuh out the week and returning on July 13th. Other than what I have described, we have no particular destination in mind. I'm just looking for areas to be on the lookout for should we near them. Any advice would also be appreciated as this will be a first for us. Thanks in advance!

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    imported_Bob Guest

    Default You've already got a great idea!

    Rather than get any preconceived ideas about what you "should" see -- why don't you stick with the idea of driving (in a direction you haven't gone before) until you find something curious or interesting! I think it's a great idea -- you're bound to have a unique and unforgettable adventure. Instead of just going for a drive -- you'll be going on a "road trip!" Bob

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