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    Ben McCormack Guest

    Default San Francisco to FL

    Hi All

    I am starting to plan a road trip from San Francisco to Tampa FL.

    We are planning to do this Feb next year.

    I have planned 10 Days drivig and 5 days to stop and visit places.

    Any thoughts on this planned trip? Have I got it all wrong?

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    Default What happens during the 10 days of driving?


    A 15 day journey to go from San Franciso to Tampa sounds doable -- but you will hit winter weather in places. Are you ready for ice and snow?

    The 10 days of driving is very pleasant -- how many hours each day do you want to drive? How did you choose 10? You can do the distance and still sleep at night in five.

    What kinds of experiences are you seeking on this road trip?


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    Ben McCormack Guest


    I am looking at the following route

    San Francisco - Las Vegas 800 Miles
    Las Vegas - Dallas 1728 Miles
    Dallas - Tampa 1279 Miles

    Driving for around 5 hours per travel day


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