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    Default Please help!!

    Hi, me and my friend are coming over from England to Florida this summer. We are going to buy a small campervan to live in whilst working (hopefully) around the orlando area.
    Then come the end of the season we want to head North to New Hampshire to ski for the the season.
    We were thionking of leaving at the beggining of November and would allow a month for the journey, hope fully having a long stop in New York and visiting lots of cities, especially Boston which i visited on the return from a ski trip this easter and really enjoyed!!
    Are we leaving enough time for the journey and does anyone know of good sources of small campervans/rvs in the miami area?


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    Default Just a FYI

    Just one more thing to keep in mind: it will be a violation of your tourist visa (if that is how you are entering the USA) to have the intention of working here in the States. The INS tends to take a dim view of that.

    There are plenty of RV's available at used car lots in Florida, but you will probably find a better deal online.

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    I'm originally from Quebec (near Montreal) and each time I went to southern Florida (winter or summer) it took me only 30-32 hours of driving (2-3 days), so you'll have plenty of time to enjoy your trip.

    In Boston, you could walk the Freedom Trail which is very interesting if you're into history and architecture. Leave your car somewhere and just take the Subway to anywhere, there are so many places to visit there : North End (if you like Italian cuisine), Back Bay and Beacon Hill (for nice neighborhoods, architecture and lodging), Financial District, South End (for great (expensive:) shopping), don't forget Charlestown with the Bunker Hill Monument (great views) and the USS Constitution. Lodging is very expensive in Massachussetts and NH, so if you would like to get out of your mini van to sleep sometimes, be sure to look for youth hostels, suburbs motel 6 or budget host inns and YMCA (in Boston only).

    Be sure to bring warm clothing, because the weather in New Hampshire, especially in the White Mountains is pretty cold and windy, lots of snow, nothing to do with European climate (unfortunately:o).

    Have a great trip!

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