Next Month, I will be taking a road trip with two of my friends, stopping to watch baseball everynight. Starting from Madison, WI we'll be going to Chicago, Cincinatti, Pittsburgh, Detroit, Rochester(AAA game)/Cooperstown, NY, Boston, Philly, Baltimore, and then back through the South Side of Chicago.

A couple of questions for the board: Does anyone know of any good public tent camping areas near these cities? A lot of the state parks I've stopped at in the east have been glorified RV parks with a small slab of concrete for tent campers. Ideally, I like a campsite that is fairly large and away from other campers, although I know that isn't always possible.

Also, How much time should I plan to spend driving from Boston to Philly - and is there a good route to avoid heavy traffic? I know 95 is the most direct route, but in my very limited experience on that road, it has been bumper to bumper from Boston to New York.