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    Hey everyone, in a few weeks I'm driving from New York to San Diego, taking the southern route. My first stop is in southern Alabama, and then due west from there. I was hoping that somebody has experience with driving the southern route, any good stops/roads/ideas. I just graduated from college and am going with a friend my age. Thanks.

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    I had a great time on the Southern route. Some stops we made:

    New Orleans (sooo worth the side trip! A must! Especially if you've never gone before.)

    Austin TX -- eat at Shady Grove, watch "The Bats" (literally, a million brown bats- what a spectacle)as they fly out from under the Congress Avenue bridge at sunset with a big partying crowd cheering underneath, go hear some live music, and have gingerbread pancakes for breakfast at any one of a bunch of great places

    San Antonio (There's no basement at the Alamo!. Check out the Alamo for kicks and then wander along the Riverwalk

    Albuquerque -- incredible Mexican food, everywhere.

    Hatch, New Mexico -- the chili pepper capital of the world. See them growing, buy peppers by the thousand, get crazy hot sauces for souvenirs.

    Sedona -- the town is cool (art-y, mystical), but even cooler is the natural waterslide at Oak Creek Canyon. It's amazing. A cool little river flowing through warm desert rocks. You can slide along natural water chutes and have an awesome time. I;ve never seen anything else like it!

    Flagstaff -- a great college town. There was a good Irish pub there with a session -- can't remember the name.

    Route 66 -- you gotta. There are a few stretches left. I have a picture of myself leaning up against a 66 sign, while simultaneously standing on a corner in Winslow, Arizona. I know everybody does it, but how can you resist?

    From that point we veered up to the Grand Canyon area, so those are my only Southwest tips. Have a wonderful time.

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    New Mexico, the coolest camp ground by far is North of Demming called City of Rocks. Alittle rustic but there are monolithic stones that go 30 feet in the air you can climb on, sleep on do anything on, just a really cool place to stop for a night. Also ask around for the natural hot springs too! The southern root can be great fun. If driving through Tenn. go rafting on the OCHEE River (class 4 rapids) Check out Tombstone in AZ if near by. Really cool! Good luck!

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