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    Default Hartford to Quebec, and down New England

    A friend and I want to take about a week-long trip from Hartford. We'd then go to Burlington and stop there for a night. We'd head to Montreal for a day or so, then up to Quebec City for 2 nights or so. Then, we'd drive to Augusta and downwards, heading into Portland and Boston and finally back to Hartford. Are there other routes that are worthwhile going via? Are there interesting stops nearby for two 18-year old girls? Any other ideas/comments would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!


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    Default Road trip theory

    I'm not familiar with that area, but others can help. There are regular posters that know the things to do in that area.

    But here's my suggestion -- don't get in too much of a hurry. You want to have time to get off the main road and take a side trip if you see something that makes you curious.

    Last fall, I did a short road trip (with my daughter), and we challenged each other to look for side roads because it's my tendency to DRIVE, not look, and I didn't want to come to the end of that day in that very special place and NOT have seen anything except white stripes.

    We found one in particular, unmarked except for a sign that said "Ratty's Tea House - 4 1/2 miles". The road wasn't any wider than an ox-cart, but we followed it to the most exquisite beach I've ever seen, with a lighthouse just offshore, as well as a church (mostly just a foundation and cemetery were all that's left now) that was built in 903 AD! Ratty's Tea House was not open that day, but the rest of what we found was the highlight of the day and will never be forgotten.

    Don't deny yourselves that kind of pleasure -- make sure you take the time to stop and look when you see anything interesting. Bob

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    hey, I go to university in Montreal, and Quebec should definitely be a big part of your trip (unbiased opinion of course!). Montreal is a great city, I recommend that you check out Mount Royal (the big hill coming out of the city with a cross on the top), Old Montreal, the area along the St. Lawrence River, downtown, etc, just find any tourist map and pick some of those places. If you're into clubs, go to Boulevard St. Laurent or Rue Crescent (any local can tell you where these are, they're a quick walk from downtown). The only thing is that parking can be a bit expensive downtown, meters are cheap but you have to keep filling them up...Quebec City is also amazing, you can drive north of Quebec City for a few hours along the river to Baie Ste. Catherine and go whale watching, or just go through the city, it's very European...but anyway, definitely spend time in Quebec!

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    By the way...make sure your car is in good condition...Montreal (and Quebec in general) roads are HORRIBLE, in most of Montreal it'll feel like you're on a roller coaster!

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