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    imported_Brad Guest

    Default A father-daughter trip from CA to MO

    I'm planning a road trip with my daughter (she's nearly 16) for this summer. We're in Los Angeles which will be our starting point and we're wanting to end up in South-West MO (my hometown Springfield) to visit my parents. I was wondering what was the best route to take, and any stop offs that a teenage girl would like (and preferably her 40 something year old dad)? Any help or ideas would be much appreciated!!

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    imported_Bob Guest

    Default Expert advice

    I asked the only expert I know on this topic -- my own daughter -- what she liked on that route when WE went several years back -- "Disneyland, Aspen, Vail, Santa Fe and Georgetown(CO)." There you have it! (I never took her to Branson, but I wonder if she'd have liked that as well.)



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