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    Kurt78 Guest

    Default Anchorage 2 Seattle no ferry in Nov '04

    I've gotten a lot of tips from the website like getting a milepost etc. I will be leaving Anchorage in early Nov to drive all the way down (no ferry) to Seattle. Do you think I'll encounter problems with weather during that time frame. I'll be driving a 2004 Nissan Armada with my wife and 3 kids. Any tips or suggestions, thanks. Kurt

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    S Guest


    You should reconsider this.

    First, Anchorage to Seattle is a 2300 mile drive! That's very ambitious to say the least.

    Second, November is rather late to be leaving... you'll be driving through winter conditions all the way to southern British Columbia. It will be a bit hard to enjoy the scenery.

    Also, these roads are EMPTY... not much at all in the way of services such as gas or lodging, and especially so during the off-season. Not all the roads are even entirely paved.

    A few links... (highway 1 is what you'd be driving)

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    I know several who have done this trip and had a fantastic time, however they have done it in the summer months. I would check the various weather sites. is a good one. It has historical data so you could check last year during your proposed travel dates to see what the weather was like and get a good idea of what to expect.

    For example, the temp in Haines Junction, Yukon Terroritory, was 12 deg. F last year on Nov. 10th. Yikes! I have a feeling it will be pretty treacherous driving that time of year.

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    Kurt78 Guest

    Default other suggestions

    Ok I have to do it in NOV because I'm in the military and that is my time to leave. Also, I have to drive because I also have a 2003 Galant and the military will only ship one vehicle at gov't expense. Would it be better for me to take the Ferry? Also do you think a different route instead of the Seattle route would be better? Please help! Thanks...

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    Default It is doable -- but it is going to be an adventure

    Plenty of folks make that drive in November, of course, they tend to be professional drivers who are getting paid to do it...

    If we have a mild fall, the storms won't be too bad, but I think you should be prepared for nasty winter weather.

    If taking the ferry is still an option for you, it will be, no doubt, a lot safer for the family. However, this will be an epic roadtrip so, if your family is game. I would go for it.


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    S Guest


    I'm not sure how reservations work on the Ferry... I don't think you would be able to wait until the last minute to see how the weather is, and then book.

    I'd strongly think about the Ferry, which is a nice little adventure in and of itself! (And probably cheaper than buying gas in Canada for an Armada!)

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    Default Ferry

    The ferry is a very cool trip. While some people rent berths, I think part of the fun of the ferry is sleeping in the common rooms with the rest of the folks and/or setting up a tent on the outside deck and camping. This saves you money but also is just plain fun.

    The scenery is fantastic on the inside passage as well.

    You can access the auto area, if I recall correctly, twice daily. So I would stock your vehicle with food and drink that you can take upstairs and use to supplement any meals you have to buy on the way. The food on the ferry is a tad steep.

    I would call or email the ferry to see what they recommend regarding reservations. I'm pretty sure you can make reservations but cancel them without a penalty as long as you do it X # of days before sailing. You might want to do that and, if the weather seems good enough to attempt the drive, cancel and hit the road instead.

  8. Default Ferry

    Kurt, do an internet search on Alaska Marine Highway and you'll come up with lots of info on the ferries. If you do decide on the ferry, be sure to come back after the trip and tell us about it -- I for one am REALLY looking forward to the day when I can make that particular "roadtrip" myself! Bob

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    Kurt78 Guest

    Default Well after advice for you all

    Well after advice for you all I think my family and I are going to take the ferry. I really wanted to drive the whole way and would if it wasn't in the winter. But due to safety for my family I'm going to go with the ferry.

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    roystr Guest

    Default off road your suv

    be very prepared for broken things on your car. very few trips ive read,do not incur a few broke things.headlights,unless no one is in front of you.a few streches i think are about 70 miles,and hard pack gravel. not to bad,just take it slow,also be carefull going potty along the side of the road,,animals..loleasy enough to pull over where you can see a waysin all directions.

    the kids would love it,youll love it(dunno bout yer wife) ID LOVE TO TAKE THAT fact we,wife and i just might next or the year after.motorcycle.........or suv with the dogs.

    anyways..a cell phone may not come in out there.a cb radio might be helpfull.put some good headlights on your car,unless ittl be daylight up there.big off road lights.a camera,and some cd's and youll be good to go.

    good luck,


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