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    guru Guest

    Default denver to new york

    hi ,
    i am travelling from denver to niagara falls..Can someone tell me ths scenic drives and good places to stay on the way? I have 3 days for the trip.


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    imported_Bob Guest

    Default My choice for routing

    I'd go north to the Black Hills, across to Manitowoc, WI and take the ferry across Lake Michigan to Ludington, MI. From there, two choices -- either go north to Sault Ste Marie and into Canada, across to Sudbury and south to Toronto and then around the end of the Lake to Niagara Falls, or, Ludington to Detroit and across Ontario to Buffalo. This is obviously not the fastest route or shortest, but it's what I'd do in the most perfect of all perfect worlds. Bob

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    jackie Guest

    Default route 66

    does any one know where to connect to route 66 and will it take me to ohio

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    imported_Bob Guest

    Default Where are you at?

    Route 66 began in Chicago and ended at the beach in Santa Monica CA, so , no, you can't get on it IN OHIO. But you might be able to drive part of the way TO Ohio on Rt66 pavement depending on where you are starting from. The original route was LA -- Flagstaff -- Albuquerque -- Amarillo -- Oklahoma City -- Joplin -- St Louis -- Chicago. Many sections of the old roadway still exist. Bob

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