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    imported_Ryan Guest

    Default Irish students want advice

    Hi we are flying to New york and plan on going on a 2-3 week
    road trip. We don't have anything planned, we were either thinking of going south down towards FL or maybe going East towards Boston. Would love to go back to Cali but think thats a bit far to drive within our time frame. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. We are open to anything.

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    imported_Bob Guest

    Default What do you have in mind?

    Some folks want to cover lots of miles on a road trip and not stay in any one place for long (it's like Cunard's old advertising slogan; "Getting there is half the fun").

    Others go to a particular area and saturate themselves in its attractions and culture. Which of these fit your purpose? Or are you somewhere in between? Bob

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    imported_Robert Guest

    Default sites

    Do you want to see cities, or National Parks? I have always found the nicest trips when I have gotten off the Interstates. The back roads were the best. Small towns, nice people, etc. Do you want to stay in major hotels, motels, or little mom & pop places?
    Maybe this will give you food for thought.
    I hope you enjoy your trip.


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    Becky Scully Guest

    Default Florida is hot, hot, hot!

    You don't say when you are planning to come but it is already approaching 90 degreesF in Florida now. Sharing in your Irish genes and fair complexion, I can tell you that you can easily be scorched by just an hour in our fierce sun, although summer is the BEST time to come to FL to enjoy the just have to do it early morning and late afternoon and slather up with sunscreen. The FL Gulf Beaches are the loveliest, the water warmer, and the waves gentler. You might find New England more suited to your thermostat!

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