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    Default Atlanta to Miami and Miami Info

    Hi Fellas,

    I'm driving to miami from atlanta this month end for the long weekend,i'll be staying there for 3 days and I wanna know the following details :

    how much distance and time would it take from atlanta to miami?

    which place and which hotel(not so expensive) should i stay in miami so that it's close to other places/beaches,you know,kind of center spot?

    also,how much time/distance is to go to keywest from miami?

    i heard the traffic will be heavy at the memorial day weekend and so would there be any traffic delays in travelling to keywest from miami?

    i know some of the info i can get it from other websites such as mapquest etc.,but still i wanna know from people who had been there already.

    thanks in advance,


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    Default Miami

    I used to live in Miami and I'd travel to Key West for weekends frequently. It's roughly a 3 1/2 hour drive on a mostly two-lane highway. Traffic can get very bad, but I always thought Key West was worth the drive. There are nice camp sites in Key West (and on the less popular keys before Kew West) and lots of motels, but you should probably make reservations since it's a holiday weekend. Hotels on Miami Beach will probably book-up pretty fast as well. My advice would be to look further north on Miami beach instead of in the trendy and expensive South Beach area if you want a good deal on a hotel. You can easily cab ride to the heart of SoBe for clubbing, dining, and beaching.

    Miami is a great town!! And Key West is one of the best placest on earth, as far as I'm concerned! Have a blast!!

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    Default Miami to Key West

    It's about a 2 hour drive to Key West from Miami on a two lane hwy. Traffic can be awlful during season. Also don't be surprised with all the strip malls and commercialism on the way down.

    That being said, Key West and some of the other islands are wonderful, scenic, and there's tons to do. Stay at a B&B in town if you can, so you can leave your car parked and walk or trolley everywhere.

    Also plan a few hours just sitting on a bench in town to people watch :). There are more characters in Key West than I've ever seen anywhere else!


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    robert ron Guest


    thanks everybody for ur valuable advice,

    i had an amazing trip to miami and key west.since my childhood,i thought NYC was the coolest place on USA,but when i saw miami,i was like WOW! man,this is the coolest city in USA

    it took 4 hrs for me to reach key west from miami and same in return.

    i took guided jet ski tour around the island and then went to all historic places,saw the sunset had nice time.

    in miami,i went to south beach in night and day,went to key biscayane island.

    thanks again

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    Default Thanks for the trip report!


    Thanks for the trip report. I, too, think the Keys are a truly amazing place. Hard place to remain sober for long though!


  6. Default Roadtrip from Atlanta to Miami

    Hi Guys,

    I was reading all your threads and realized some of you guys could help me out! :-) I'm a European and whenever I have some holidays I always fly to the States! I love this country.

    The thing is, I have 2 weeks to spend in the States in July...What's the funkiest road trip on the East Coast? I thought Atlanta-Miami was cool. I don't want to drive too many miles a day (200 miles is a maximum) What are the cool places to see? I want to stay 3 days in Miami to party under the sun :-). Is Georgia nice? or should I drive straight to Florida? What about N and S-Carolina?

    Plz help me out!

    Many thanks,


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    Hey:) From Warner robins it takes about 8 hours, From Atlanta it takes everything from 9\10 hours. The cost of gas wil be under 100 dollars,around 85\90. The cost of plane is abit more,around 360 back and forth,so you save money by driving,but its a long distance:)but hey,thats what roadtrips are for right. Am planning a weekend trip every week in miami in the future,and i live in warner robins:)or soon atleast lol.

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    Georgia is the south,so ye its super nice:) If ure a Tv-show person. Covington about 30 min away from Atlanta\Georgia is actually Mystic Falls from the Vampire diaries:)

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum, Lucian!

    If you check the date, this thread is actually going on 10 years old, so I think it's safe to say the original poster won't be able to take advantage of your advice, but perhaps another reader will.

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