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    John & Sandy Guest

    Default 911 Memorial and Washington DC on a Whim

    Thinking about visiting Ground Zero before ground breaking for the new memorial and would like to also visit the Mall in DC over Memorial Day weekend. We will be driving from Michigan and we're not getting any help from the hotel sites on lodging for the three nights we will need to find shelter. One centrally located hotel would fill the bill since it's only a days drive to and from Michigan.

    Our lodging requirments are for the night of the 28th, 29th and 30th of May. Any help will be appreciated.

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    Default Choice Hotels

    Look up Choice Hotels on the internet -- plug in your dates and Aberdeen, MD. It's about in the middle of the route. The Quality Inn in Aberdeen has rooms available for 71.99 per night, double occ on the days you listed. There are also several other Choice properties listed although I didn't run them all for rates -- you may find one even less expensive. Bob

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    Default is another site that often gives good prices for lodging.

    Also, the Hotel Harrington in DC is a great place to stay and the prices are very reasonable for DC. Fantastic location just a couple blocks from the mall and about halfway in-between the White House and the Capital. It's not fancy but clean and lots of international visitors stay there which makes it fun. I don't have the direct link but they do have their own website. You should have no problem finding it by googling the hotel's name.

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    John & Sandy Guest

    Default Thank you both!

    Judy, before getting your email we reserved a room in Clinton with Hampton Inn's and were still looking for accommodations for two nights in Washington. After researching the Hotel Harrington (for about 2 seconds) we both decided it would be the thrill of a lifetime to spend two nights in the shadow of the White house. Thanks for the great tip on that hotel. But alas, they are all booked up for our "whim trip" time table.

    You can bet your bottom dollar we'll be planning another trip to DC if for no other reason than to stay at the Hotel Harrington. Thank you so much for the heads up on this hotel. Talk about Location!

    Bob, your advise proved to be invaluable once the Hotel Harrington fell through. We ended up canceling the first Hampton Inn's reservation and although we ended up with a booking in Edgewood in another Hampton hotel for 3 nights, you set us on the right track though with the Choice Hotels Aberdeen connection!

    So much thanks to both of you for helping us out in this Online Travel Labyrinth.

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    Default Walking Tour

    RTA has just about left the travel booking business, so I won't suggest that you could have booked thru us...

    There is a really great audio CD that will enhance your road adventure to DC. For my review of Christopher Buckley's "Washington Schlepped Here: Walking in the Nation's Capital" <a href = "">click here<a/>.


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    kristy Guest


    I was just in DC the end of April. It was 90 degrees. I cant stress enough to take lots of water!!! Especially if you go to Arlington cemetary as they do not sell any water there.

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