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    We are taking a trip back from Indiana after The 500 through southern Kentucky into WV and PA before heading back to Boston. I have our trip pretty well planned through our stop at Cumberland Falls in KY (Thanks Timbo! We're going to be there for a full moon!!).

    We have room for one stop between Corbin, KY and Gettysburg, PA and want to stick to our plan of staying off of the interstates until we get to central PA.

    What routes do you recommend from southeastern Kentucky through West Virginia into PA?


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    socruiser Guest

    Default Rt in PA

    The eastern panhandle of WV near Charles Town and Harpers Ferry sports RT 340 which takes you to Rt 15N which will take you right to Gettysburg. It's a nice relaxing road until you need MD.

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    Thanks for the idea. I think we're going to stop in Charleston, WV. Charles Town and Harper's Ferry are a bit too far to the east for us to make in a day of semi-leisurely driving from Corbin, KY.

    I see US-52 on the map that travels southwest out of Charleston. We'll be coming from the southwest into Charleson. Is this a good route? It looks quite windy, but if others have traveled this way before and have a recommendation for it, we'll go that way!

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    Default I just found it! Route 119

    So it's not US-52 that we would take into Charleston, it's US-119. According to Rand-McNally, which is where I am using their roadtrip planner, the drive from Corbin, KY to Williamson, WV is 159 miles at 3 hours 35 minutes and the remainder of the drive to Charleston, WV from Williamson is 88 miles at 1 hour 55 minutes.

    Have any of you driven US-119 from Kentucky into Charleston? It looks like a fairly windy road, but could potentially be a gold mine for scenery and cultural experiences. From the limited amount of research I have done, this area seems to be rich in coal history. Old mining towns would be so fun to see.

    Please let me know anything about this route! Thanks!

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    imported_Bob Guest

    Default RR

    I'd bet there's also railroad history in those parts also -- if you're interested in that. RR's and mines kind of went hand-in-hand. Bob

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