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    Default Planning for a road trip from San Diego to Maine

    This is going to be our first road trip and we will be travelling with two kids 18 months and 5 yrs. We have been dreaming abt this and plan to go in Sep 04. We have around 20 + days. and are doing this trip as a pleasure rather than having to get to any destination so we want to plan the route in sucha way that we get to enjy the drive, stop over at a national park or two and see the other scenic,cultural spots. We started mapping out a route from San Diego thru Arizona, Utah, Colorado ,Kansas, Iowa, ILllinois.

    If someone can help us, it would be great as we just started!

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    Default Go north!

    I'd plan it the way you said as far as Denver, but at that point, consider going north to the Black Hills, then across the Dakotas to Duluth, then U.P. Michigan to Sault Ste. Marie, into Canada and across through Ottawa and Montreal and on to Maine. Lots of gorgeous scenery and attractions in that direction! That's what I'd do! Bob

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