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    Default Boston to LA route advice

    I will be driving one way from Boston to LA and have allowed myself about a week (6-8 days). My main goal is to drive the most scenic route without really going too far off the beaten path. I heard the northern route is the best for this type of trip. The only thing I really want to do is make my way through Vagas and the Grand Canyon. Any info woud be great.

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    Default Use I-70

    Go down to I-70 and follow that west to Utah.

    Once in Utah, you have a couple of choices for route. At Cisco (just inside the border from CO), take SR128 along the Colorado River to US191, and that south through Moab to US163 and Monument Valley. From there, take US160 and US89 to the Grand Canyon, then I-40 and US93 to Las Vegas.

    OR, stay on I-70 until you reach SR24, and follow that southward to SR12. Follow SR12 to Bryce Canyon, then go on to Zion Natl Park. From there, you can either go straight to Las Vegas and then double back on US93 and I-40 to the Grand Canyon, or you can take US89 back around through Kanab and Page to get to the Grand Canyon via the East entrance on SR64 from Cameron.

    Both of these are great routes -- personally, I like the second one better.

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    Default XC Trip

    Hi Bill, I just completed a trip much like yours. I went from central CT to the CA coast.

    For what's it worth, an itinerary I'd suggest would be to take I-84 west to I-81 south (in PA). Stay on I-81 through VA where it passes through the Shenendoah Mts.
    Take I-40 in SW VA into TN and enjoy a side trip to the Smokies. Back on I-40 through Memphis (Graceland and Beale ST), then due West through Arkansas, OK, the panhandle of TX and into NM. Once you're in AZ, it's an easy trip through the Painted Desert/Petrified Forest and then up to the Grand Canyon.
    Las Vegas is a half-day from the Grand Canyon, and allows you to see and cross over Hoover Dam.

    LA is easy to get to from Las Vegas.

    I came home via US 50 in Nevada (Loneliest Road in America) and took a side trip to Moab UT (Arches, Canyonlands and Dead Horse Point State Park), then up to I-70 due East.
    Once you're east of Denver on I-70 and past the mountains, the road is flat and straight and easy to travel on, but may not have the kind of views you sound interested in.

    I'd suggest the I-40 route.

    You're bound to have fun and be inspired. It's a great big beautiful country and every part of it has something special.

    Good luck. David

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    Thanks a ton, this type of info is what I needed. I was pretty stuck on the I-40 route until my friend just drove it to Cali last week and said the views were "just ok". I still have a little time before I move out west, but I think I'll start planning my one way trip around one of the first two options Bob posted. Thanks again-Bill

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