Hi- i'm fortunate enough to get to take a four month road trip, covering 22,000 miles across the good ol' U.S.of A. this summer. i will be mostly camping(in a tent and in my car), a hostel when i feel like splurging, and crashing on the floor of a friends house here and there. i will cover alot of natl parks, some big cities, roadside attractions, museums and factory tours, and as few interstates as possible. i have put together a website that i want to update every few days with my travels and experiences so that people back home can follow along with me. however, i'm not sure how accessible the internet will be on my trip. i had originally planned to use libraries and cafes so that 1) i wouldn't have to worry about keeping my own laptop locked up and 2) because this is a trip to get away and simplify and reground myself, not to be connected to wires. but after talking to a few friends and thinking about it some more,i'm considering taking a laptop of my own. i don't know what to do....i need some advice. so, my question to all you seasoned travelers is if i do take one, are there places where i can get online on 'the roads less traveled'? or should i just stick with my original plan?

thanks in advance for all your help.