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    Default Ideas for honeymoon road trip?

    My fiance and I are considering taking a two-week long road trip for our honeymoon, but have no idea where we want to go. We'd be leaving from Cincinnati, Ohio in mid-July of next year. Any suggestions?

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    Default Why not...


    I would explore the St Lawrence Seaway country between Montreal and Quebec City -- maybe even beyond that, out toward Gaspe.

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    Default Passport?

    Do you have to have a passport to get into Canada from the United States, and vice versa? Never been out of the country before, so I don't know. I know that you used to be able to get in and out with a driver's license, but I had heard that the requirements had changed.

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    Default No passport required

    If you HAVE one, doesn't hurt to take it along, but it isn't necessary (both US and Canada "encourage" passports). Take a certified birth certificate or other document showing citizenship AND your valid driver license and you'll be OK. Potential problem areas -- don't carry any weapons across the border. You also will likely have trouble if you have any kind of a criminal record, even a DUI that's many years old. You can find more information by running a search on the internet for "Canada border crossing." That's how I got most of the information I'm providing!

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    Default Passport, suggestion

    Hi Lissa,
    you probably won't have any trouble at the border with just a driver's licence, usually people at Canadians Customs are more induglent than Americans. They ask a few questions : how long/why/where from/occupation but they usually don't bother emptying your bags to see If you've got some fruits in your purse:o)) So don't worry, you should be fine with a driver's licence.

    As Bob suggested, I think the "Gaspesie" area might be a great destination, espacially Percé, Bonaventure, Gaspé and places like that, very romantic with the sea, the beaches, the birds, and the beautiful sceneries. You'll find many camping/B&B opportunities along the way but if you're going to stay in B&B I suggest you make reservations because that area is very popular at this time of the year, since July and August are almost the only months where you can get a temperature over 20 degrees (Celsius) and a bit of sunshine. You can practice many outdoor activities in that area : kayaking, swimming, hiking (Parc de la Gaspésie),etc).

    Maybe you should consider also the "Côte-Nord" area on the opposite side of the St. Lawrence River (you can take a ferry from Matane (in Gaspésie) to Baie Comeau and follow the coast until the road ends. You'll also find many camping opportunities, outdoors activites (kayaking, scuba diving)cheap motels and free whale watching (you can just sit beside the St. Lawrence and wait) along the way. (Read the post "endless driving in Québec" in the Fall/Winter roadtrips category)

    Have a nice honeymoon:o))

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    Default Two Words.

    Vegas Baby!!!!!!!!

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