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    jandujar Guest

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    My 8-year old and I are moving to NJ this summer. I plan to stick to the interstate and am leaning towards taking the 40. Our "must sees" are the Grand Canyon, Busch Gardens in Virginia, and Washington DC. I would appreciate any suggestions regarding driving the 40 and other sites to see along the way. I will most likely drive 7-8 hour days and will make hotel reservations in advance. Thank you for any advice!

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    John in Dallas Guest

    Default Some things to see

    Consider the OKC Murrah building bombing site just off 40 and 35. South of Little Rock you may want to see Hot Springs very nice old town with great buildings and some history. I would never stop but Elves still lives in Memphis and country music in Nashville see the Grand Old Opera and sounding area for some history and the last of country music if you are moving to NJ. Off 81 in VA consider running on the Blue Ridge Pky for no more then 50 miles as it is slow but great to see look to get off prior to RT 66 so you can cut the corner to DC. May want to see Baltimore Harbor after DC and the Liberty bell in Philly as well as Cap May in NJ or the shore can do the coast route for neat ride if you are not living in the area of NJ.

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