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    Default Allentown, PA to Memphis, TN

    Hi all,
    My friend and I are planning a road trip from Allentown area in Pennsylvania to Memphis TN. Looks like we would be going mostly thru PA-WV-KY-TN... we are going the first week of August 2004... any tips on attractions or good stuff to see along the way would be great! We want to see every stupid and ridiculous thing along the way that we can... I am into scrapbooking so I plan on taking a lot of fun pictures for our memories. Also we will both have just turned 26 years old if that helps with what we might be interested in.. thanks in advance for any info that might help us! This will be our first road trip and us two gals are looking forward to having a blast!

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    Default Another thread

    Take a look at the thread titled "South Jersey to Tulsa." It's very similar to your route and you'll find some good ideas there! IMHO.

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    Default ty

    Thank you very much! Every little bit helps

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