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    Default three week summer road trip from east to west

    My girlfriend and I are embarking on our first road trip starting from new york and heading west. Our only itinerary so far is chicago, mount rushmore and colorado as her family lives there. Any suggestions about where we might head??? we're open to most anything. We're planning on leaving in mid july and would love to know about any regional festivals we might make it to as well.

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    Default A suggestion

    This may seem a bit odd, but if you are open to anything, maybe you could do the following:

    Open the atlas to any given state you will be travelling in. Have each person toss a penny (or a guitar pick, which may be better what with its arrow-like shape) at the map from a little distance away. Go to a place in between where each penny has landed (unless its a military base or something ;-)

    Some of the regulars on here from out West should be able to give you a better grasp on the festival situation.

    And on your trip, when you start arguing (and you will), that means its time to get something to eat.

    Have fun and be safe.

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