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    Mike02081984 Guest

    Default gas prices as of now

    Wondering wha the gas price's are in nothern America

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    Default Phoenix AZ

    In the Valley of the Sun, our prices for unleaded regular are at an all-time high -- about 1.99 per gallon, USD. They are predicted to increase as much as another dollar over the next year. Bob

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    Las Vegas, Nevada

    Default Las Vegas

    Low range is $1.95 and there are plenty of stations with $2.16 for unleaded regular in the Las Vegas valley.


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    imported_Justin Guest

    Default yikes

    that's a lot. i'm planning a road trip out west this summer and i live in philly now. i think it's about 1.70 or so here, but i haven't had to get gas in a while.

    this will be an expensive trip i guess

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    Default Price

    87 Oct. - $1.79
    91 Oct. - $1.87
    93 Oct. - $1.98
    Diesel - $1.72
    on average, in MA

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    Default S.F. Bay Area

    I actually live out in the burbs and it's 1.96 for regular at Costco. When we drove to the mountains a couple of weeks ago, the price was about $2.05 to $2.15.


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    imported_Adrian Guest

    Default Gas Prices

    I live in central california (Santa Barbara County)and prices are at a record high $2.35 for regular unleaded at chevron and shell stations. There are several other stations with prices ranging from $2.15 to $2.25 per gallon.

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    Default Georgia

    About $1.69 in NE Georgia

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    Default Interesting

    The reason our Phoenix prices are so high (we are told) is because we are required to have the "California blend" fuels because of our smog situation. I find it extremely odd, however, that the fuel we get comes FROM California, yet they charge MORE for it over there (where they refine it...). You'd think that in a reasonable world, the fact they have to truck or pipe it over HERE (some 350 miles) would add some expense -- but from your post, you're paying 30 or 40 cents more per gallon. I don't get it. Crazy world!

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    imported_Nick Guest


    Central Massachusetts:

    87 Octane - $1.75/gal.

    Hopefully the prices will drop, but with OPEC cutting production 4% I'm not counting on it...

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