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    I am planning on driving with my 10 yr old son to Death Valley and Yosemite, leaving in one week. Can I go over Tioga Pass into Yosemite, or do I have to go all the way up to 88 and drop into the west side?

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    Default Tioga Pass


    Tioga Pass is still closed (snow) and I doubt it will open until at least the middle of June this year!

    What highway is "88"? The fastest route from LA is I-15 to Baker and and then north on CA-127 to Death Valley. The only reasonable route that is open from Death Valley to Yosemite is CA-178 through Ridgecrest and south on US-395 to Mojave and then west on CA-58 to Bakersfield and then north on CA-99 to Fresno and north on CA-41 into Yosemite.

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