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    Default Calif - anyone ever driving Hwy44/395 Shasta to Reno

    Taking a trip this spring (May) was wondering if anyone out there has driven an RV/5th wheel from Shasta to Reno via Highway 44/395.

    Is this a good/safe way or should I go I5 south to Sacramento, then I80 to Reno.

    I trying to save a little time driving.

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    Default Yes....

    ...but not in an RV. I was in a sports car. It is a windy, hilly road with lots of fun twisty bits in a sports car. I have no idea what it would be like to drive your rig through there.

    However, I can tell you that the scenery is stunning! I've driven a lot of places in this country and it was right up there with many other memorable drives. I remember seeing RVs and a lot of semi-trucks along this stretch of road so it must not be too terribly bad for that type of rig.

    I would suggest that you drive it but plan to take it slow so you have time to enjoy the sights and various parks along the way.

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