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    robert miles Guest

    Default Fave Road Trip books and stories

    Can anyone point me in the direction of some good factual road trip books and stories. Basically things like Bill Brysons books. Just need to hear some good stories that may inspire me to visit certain places.

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    imported_Bill Guest

    Default Road trip books

    Travels with Charlie (Stienbeck)
    Blue Highways (William Least Heat-Moon)
    Roads (The lonesome dove author)
    Road Fever
    Almost Heaven
    Confederates in the Attic (Sorta a civil war road trip)

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    imported_Kevin Guest

    Default Since you mentioned Bill Bryson

    I assume you've read "The Lost Continent", Bryson's superb account of his road trip through 38 states in 1987.

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    Default Six years on the tarmac

    The book about the RoadTrip America's first six years lived on a roll might be interesting. <a href = "">Click here</a> to read the first chapter.

    One of the funniest (laugh-out-loud) road trip books is Tim Cahill's account of the <a href = "">speed run</a> through South and North America. Plus, you might find enjoy some of the <a href = "">book reviews</a> we have posted in recent months.


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