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    I had an amazing trip over the continental divide on route 40. I highly recommend it. I drove I-70 in the dead of night (left Vegas at 5 pm, got to Aurora, CO at 6 am), so I don't have much in the way of advice for I-70 or route 50.

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    Default Rte 40

    I like US40 too. One place I didn't stop was the Dinosaur Natl Monument. Did you happen to stop there?

    I thought US40 was more "remote," less populated than most Colorado highways; I liked that about it. Same feel you get on some of the Nevada highways, only different scenery. Bob

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    Default Yes, Dinosaur!

    I only went to the museum there at Dinosaur. I was there for about an hour or two.

    US40 was definitely more remote. I think I went for a 2-hour stretch without seeing another car on the road. There are some cool ranches along that road also. I was alone, as I was for that whole 2-month trip, and I said "WOW!" out loud more times than I can count. Definitely one of the most memorable parts of my trip!

    Man, I want to go back!!

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