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    Default Montana in March/April

    I am thinking of flying into Montana in March or April to start a road trip down to New Orleans. Could anyone be able to tell what the driving/weather conditions will be like at this time of year. We are expecting to see Glacier National Park and Yellowstone as well as other places. Just need to know if it safe or easy to visit these places at this time of year.

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    Default Not much chance

    Most of Glacier and Yellowstone Parks will be closed at this time -- they aren't usually open until June (I don't think). Spring comes late in the northern Rockies!

    There are other places on the northern plains that you COULD see why not fly tnto Billings and work your way south and east from there? You could check out the historical sites along the old Bozeman Trail, the Black Hills, the Colorado Rockies, Bent's Fort and the Kit Carson Museum near La Junta, then northern New Mexico -- Taos, Santa Fe, then Lincoln County and then east towrd New Orleans from there. Just a suggestion.

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