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    Hi everyone,
    In July I have one week and I'm planning on going from Philadelphia to Toronto to Chicago and back to Philadelphia.

    Anyone have any suggestions on the best way to get from Philadelphia to Toronto? Chicago to Philadelphia? I would like to do both of these drives in one day each. Is it at all reasonable to think I could get from Chicago to Philadelphia in one day?

    I figure Toronto to Chicago shouldn't be too difficult, but if anyone knows of anything special for that route, please let me know.

    Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks

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    Default Quickest

    I think the quickest routes are (Phil-Tor) I-476 to I-81 to I-90 then around the end of the lake to Toronto. Chicago to Philly, use I-80 to I-76 and Pittsburg to Philly (all interstate). The rides between Philadelphia and Toronto, and Toronto to Chicago are both easily done in one day (8 hours or so) but the last leg is a bit longer -- you can do it in one day but it'll be a long one. You've got plenty of time to stretch the last leg out into two easy days if you want to.

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    Default thanks

    thanks so much. you've been a great help in this post and my last one.

    any suggestions on a good place to visit/stop if i decide to split the chicago-philly trip into 2 days?

    thakns again

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    Default Somerset

    I think Somerset is a neat little town -- but if you want to DO something, I'd stop at Gettysburg and spend some time seeing the battlefield and some of the associated attractions -- the evening "ghost" tour, for example. If you want to take a little more time getting home (driving), I'd use US30 across PA instead of the interstate -- very much nicer drive.

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