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    Default Computer access

    I hope to take a cross-country trip during April.

    I don't have a laptop computer and was curious as to where other travelers have found computer access available on the road.

    I'm hoping some towns will have Cyber Cafe where I can check email and perhaps do some research for what lay ahead. I may use Priceline to look for accomodations. Are there any suggestions as to how to protect myself/account on a public computer?

    Also, do libraries provide computers for public use?

    I'm curious what other travelers have found to be possible for those of us without laptops.

    Thansk in advance

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    Default Kinko's, Libraries & Kiosks

    Most public libraries have embraced the notion of providing free on-line access and so it is possible to reach the Internet from just about any public library in America. In addition, Internet access is available at most Kinko's, cyber cafes and kiosks in airports, convention centers and bus stations.

    Many motel chains also provide access. And you might find some helpful tips in the <a href = "">Dashboarding</a> section.

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