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    Laura Guest

    Default Three day trip in April

    I am driving with my husband and two kids from SAcramento to Yosemite on Apr 17th 2004, staying one night and then driving next day to Lake Tahoe. I have already booked accomodations at Yosemite valley. I am wondering where I shd plan to stay at Lake Tahoe, again only one night. I have I dont plan to do any gambling and just stay as cloe to the shore as possible, drive around and do some parasailing and boating with kids. Couls someone help me plan it? I have to catch a flight back from Sacaramento on the third day eve, so I got only one night at Tahoe.. so pls suggest which would be a good part of Lake Tahoe to stay and do some stuff!


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    Default Time!

    From Sacramento to Yosemite Valley is 175 miles but it will take almost 4 hours of driving time. The sun sets early in Yosemite Valley in April. My best guess would be around 5 P.M. or maybe even earlier. That doesn't give you much time for site-seeing.

    From Yosemite Valley to Lake Tahoe is 210 miles taking Hwy's 49 and 50. This will take almost another 5 hours of driving. Tioga Pass will be closed so you can't take that route. Sonora (Hwy 108) and Ebbetts (Hwy 4) passes might be open. Carson (Hwy 88) and Hwy 50 will be open...unless you get a snow storm...which is a remote possiblity at this time of the year.

    From Lake Tahoe to Sacramento is 105 miles and will take about 2 hours. You mentioned parasailing. I really don't think the lake will be warm enough in April for that.

    That's a lot of driving for three days. I would forget Lake Tahoe and enjoy the beautiful waterfalls you will find in Yosemite Valley.


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    sudha krishnamoorthy Guest


    thanks for the input.. It was very helpful your pointing out the different highway routes and the time it takes. I will reconsider what you said abt doing Yosemite only. The reason I had planned it this way was we already visited and toured Yosemtie in Oct. It was breathtaking but we missed the waterfalls. So we decided to go around this time just to see the waterfalls. So I was thinking we might drive aroud in valley see the falls and then leave sometiem next day.

    thanks again for your help

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    imported_Robert Guest

    Default Yosemite

    When most people visit Yosemite, they only tour around Yosemite village. The park is huge, and there are thousands of acres that most tourists usually don't see. If you've seen the park before, try visiting some other parts of it. For instance, Tuolumne Meadows on the eastern side of the park is beautiful. And, if it's open, drive the Tioga Pass road. Some spectacular scenery.
    Plus the park is surrounded by Hoover Wilderness and the Ansel Adams wilderness. I hope you have a great time.

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    Default Don't just see the waterfall from the car!

    If you decide to spend the whole time in Yosemite, then get out and do a little hiking. The hike to Vernal Falls is really special! Even if you only make it to the bridge you can see the falls, but you won't see this one from any car. Take the short walk to Yosemite Falls and experience the mist and the roar. Same with Bridalveil Falls.

    Rent some bikes and ride around the valley.

    I guess Robert missed the part about your trip taking place in April because Tioga Pass WILL NOT BE OPEN by then. You won't be able to get to Tuolumne Meadows but you might try Mariposa Grove of Giant Sequoias near the parks South Entrance. This opens in April so you should be able to go there.


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    Adrian Guest

    Default Yosemite & Lake Tahoe

    I just return from a 3 day stay in lake tahoe and at this time of the year there is not a lot to do unless you like skiing or snowboarding. The bike and hiking paths are closed and at the lake they are only offering a 2-1/2 hour boat trip to emerald bay for $25. The gondola ride to the ski area is spectacular but if you go, try to make it early in the day because they charge $20 per person and it closes at 4:00PM. Other than that there is not much to do, there is also the casinos. I have been to Yosemite and I would also recommend to spend more time there. There are several waterfalls and hiking paths. Lake Tahoe would be a better choice during the summer when several more activities are available. Good Luck and enjoy your trip.

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    imported_julie Guest

    Default Help !

    Hi !

    We are planning a road trip from South tahoe to Yosemite and Sanfranciso. Need help planning it. Also do you know if Budget Inn in South tahoe is in a safe area?




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