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    Default 6 day roadtrip california! seriuos help needed!!!

    i got 6 days for a cali trip. starting s.f. and eding in s.f. at the night of the 6th day.
    should include: route 1,L.A., san diego, grand canyon and las vegas.

    is that possible at all??

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    Default Almost 2000 miles

    You're looking at driving almost 2000 miles in 6 days. You won't have any time to see the sights.

    SF to LA is 380 miles (I-5)
    LA to San Diego is 125 miles
    San Diego to Grand Canyon is 555 miles
    Grand Canyon to Las Vegas is 280 miles
    Las Vegas back to SF is 570 miles

    I would spend some time driving down the coast from SF and taking a couple of days to go see Yosemite National Park. Other wise you will spend most of your trip in the vehicle.


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