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    Karl Guest

    Default Around the country in 30 days.

    Hi everyone. Im looking to drive from NY to Seattle, down the west coast and back across and up the east coast, do you think 4 weeks or so is enough time, im giving myself a 4-5 week window.

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    Default Days

    For a 9000 mile journey, over 31 days -- that's 290 miles per day, average (6 hours a day, roughly). For 5 weeks, it's about 237 miles per day. It's possible.

    Is this just about driving and seeing new country, or do you want to stop and see EVERYTHING? It appears to me your plan falls somewhere in the middle -- in summer, with 6 hours of driving per day, you've still got 8 or 9 hours daylight to play with.

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    Default Very possible

    Hi Karl,
    Yes it is quite possible. In 2001 My family and I covered all 50 states in 43 days, spent ample time seeing the sites and covered 17,000 miles on the full trip. Last summer, my son and I were a bit more agressive and covered all 50 states in 8 days, driving 11,000 miles.
    With proper planning, you should be able to circle the country in 30 days. Are you traveling alone or have someone to share the driving. If you need any help feel free to drop me a line.


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