Open to suggetions on the best route my friend and I should take for our summer road trip. We plan on leaving Portland, Me the 1 of June to head out to California. We plan to live mostly out of our car by packing a cooler and sleeping either in the car or at camp grounds, and at least once a week at a motel(showers are a good thing every once in a while) We were thinking of taking a northern route first to check out Niagra Falls and then down through NY to Chicago, etc. and then a southern route on our way home. Places of interest include Grand Canyon, Yellow Stone, Oregon Caves, Pacific Highway, Redwoods, Yosemite, and Zion National Park. We were thinking roughly a grand each should get us out there and back comfortably, is this logical? If you have any suggestions on routes, things to see, or tips please feel free. We would like to avoid major highways and are in this for the scenic aspesct.