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    Default Senior Roadtrip from Seattle to California

    Me and 3 other friends were thinking of taking a roadtrip this summer before 2 of us head off to college. We would probably only have a week to 1 1/2 weeks. We would really like to drive down to California but stop along the way (like the Oregon coast, etc.) Would it be too much to drive to L.A.? How about San Francisco? Three of us drive. Would San Francisco be a reasonable destination for 10 days (and 3 drivers) Any suggestions or past experiences would be great. Thanks!

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    SF is very doable. You can see the Oregon coast, perhaps hop over to Crater Lake, get in some skiing if you like that kind of thing, whatever you like. You may want to drive the coastal highway if that is what you want to see.

    You can do SF-Seattle in a day easily; I've done it solo. You may even be able to do LA-Seattle since you have three drivers.

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