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    Default Mexico caravan, Apr/May '05

    My wife and I are preparing to start our 1-year "Discover America Sabbatical" in June '04. One leg of the trip will be 6-8 weeks down in Mexico, in April & May '05. We thought we would put our proposed itinerary out there and see if anyone was interested in forming up a small caravan for the Mexico portion of the trip. Our plans are very flexible at this point in time, roughly as follows:

    • Mar 27th, 2005 - We plan to depart Brownsville, Texas sometime early this week
    • We will head south thru Monterrey, San Luis Potosi, Queretaro, and Morelia to our ultimate destination, Paracho (in this small town, the entire economic activity of the populace is luthiery, primarily making guitars… some very fine guitars can be purchased for about 20% of the cost of the same guitar in the US). This is very close to Mexico City if anyone desires a side-trip.
    • We will head back north through Guadalajara, Tepic, then up the Pacific coast thru Mazatlan, Culiacan, Hermosillo, arriving back in Nogales, Arizona around the middle to end of May.

    We are open to all good ideas. We have already done lot's of research on places to camp, "must see" places, "must do" activities, etc.. We also have collected information regarding communications, safety and security, repairs and maintenance, etc.. We are a very fun and easygoing couple in our mid-40s, traveling with two dogs. We pull our '04 Carriage Compass 30RLS 5th wheel "Wander Dawg" with '03 Dodge 2500 Turbo-diesel "Big Boy". You can reach us at our e-mail address:

    Bill & Laurie

    Bill, Laurie and dogs Max & Bandit
    Carriage Compass 30RLS "Wander Dawg"

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    Default A part of your research

    Sounds like a truly grand adventure!

    As a part of your research, get John Holod's video <a href = "">Baja RV Adventure</a> (ignore his inability to say any of the place names correctly) the video is chock full of ideas and tips.

    I know your trip doesn't (yet)include Baja -- but maybe it should...

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    Hey Mark,

    Thanks for the comments. Actually, I could probably write a good guide book on northern Baja... I live in San Diego and drive down frequentemente. We havn't made it past Guerrero Negro yet... maybe after the BIG Mexico trip.

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