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    Default Boston to Myrtle Beach........Nascar?

    I am considering a warm weather drive from Boston to Myrtle Beach. I am looking for what to do and where to stay while there and along the way. I would like to be able to attend a Nascar race in the Carolinas or along the way, be it May, June, July or August. I want to keep the trip to a week, put more money toward fun than lodging, but don't want to stay in a dump.

    Couples stuff, bars and amusement parks, natural attractions and where to eat is also helpful.........and I haven't vacationed on the Jersey shore if anyone knows about that. Thank You Bambi

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    Default Best Bet for a race...

    Mid may. May 15th there in Richmond. Then there's a break for the All Star Event in Charlotte. May 30th they stay in Charlotte and race (fun, but crowded, time to be in the Charlotte area). And the following week, June 6th, there in Dover, Delaware.

    I would suggest planning on Dover. I've been to Dover and tickets are a little easier to get than the other two. If you're brave enough, you can wait and buy them from a scalper at the gate. "The Monster Mile" as it's known is a great place to see a race. Get tickets higher up so you can see all the action. It's only a mile long, so you won't miss a thing if you get high enough seats.

    If you want to bear right a little from Dover on the way to Myrtle Beach and you really love Nascar, go to the Charlotte area. All the race shops are there (most of them are a little north in Mooresville, NC) and you can see the guys working on the cars and what not.

    Also, Dover Downs race track is attached to a casino.

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