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    Stu Guest

    Default Ma to Grand canyon

    I'm from England, living in the States and always wanted to do a road trip. Well next week I will! From Ma all the way to the Grand Canyon. I'll be stopping at Chicago first to see a friend then head on down to Arizona.

    My question:

    Just how much of Route 66 is worth driving along. Will it slow me down considerbly, especially as I want to spend a lot of time exploring New Mexico and Arizona. I have 2 16 days. Which are the best parts of 66?

    Also I will be taking an old car, it's been serviced and in good condition, any tips or advice?

    Many thanks,


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    Default In AZ

    Others will have to reply for other sections of old 66 as I've not been on any of it east of AZ since I was less than 10 years old -- but we have one VERY nice stretch here in Arizona -- between Seligman and Kingman. Also, if you can, continue on west of Kingman to the little town of Oatman before you turn around. The scenery is gorgeous and both Seligman and Oatman are "unique" little towns.

    From Peach Springs (west of Seligman), you can drive north on BIA 6 (Indian Route 6, and it is also called Diamond Creek Road) across the Hualapai Reservation (pronounced "wall-uh-pie") right up to the banks of the Colorado River in the bottom of the western end of the Grand Canyon. That's worth a look, too. Most people don't know you can DRIVE to the river!

    Driving two-lane blacktop is quite a bit slower, but well-worth the trouble. Based on what you learn here, pick a few stretches of two-lane, and use I-40 for the rest. That way you'll get a little of both worlds!

    As for your car, I have no clue how good a shape it's in -- but with an older vehicle I never push too hard. Drive easy and you may do alright. That's part of the adventure, my friend! I've met some really nice people a few times when my car broke down on the road. Just relax and make the best of whatever rolls along! Bob

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    imported_Robert Guest

    Default 66

    If you have time before you leave, look at the website, It's a good website, and it gives you ideas of what to expect along the way.

    I hope you have a great trip. I'm jealous, because I haven't driven 66 in a long time.

    Have a great time.


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    Use the search function on this site, keyword "Route 66"

    The editor must have posted a dozen messages himself over the last year or two.

    How long do you have for your trip, and how much driving do you plan to do per day?




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