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    My wife and i are planning a "split" trip to Alaska in May.Split being i am driving to Seattle and she will fly there a week later. We then get on a ferry in Bellingham for the water portion of the trip that will take us to Skagway.From there we will visit friends in Whitehorse and Tok Alaska and then down to the Kenai .She will fly home from Anchorage and i will continue on-back through Tok-Yukon-Nwt-Interior BC-and then home.(jeez-i get palpatations just thinking about the whole trip(LOL)

    Does anybody have knowledge of these Ferries.We are booked on the M/V Malespina--and we'l be on her for 3.5 days from Bellingham Wa-Skagway.We have a 4 berth w/sitting area booked. What should we expext of this ship and What should we keep available for daily use in our pick-up. ANY info about this type of travel WILL BE GREATLY APPRECIATED.

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    While I haven't had the pleasure of taking that ferry to Alaska, I have friends and family who have. Personally, I would bring food and drink in your pickup. Sandwich fixings, fruit, snacks, etc. Food is very expensive on the ferry from what I've been told. My daughter went up on that ferry last spring and fall as she worked in Sitka during the spring and summer months. She brought lots of granola bars and other easily packable foods and was glad she did because of the price of the food on-board. She also saved money by "camping" but she would sure have envied your berth. It should be a great trip! Oh, and the scenery is supposed to be awesome so take lots of film (unless you've gone digital). Enjoy!

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    I've been wanting to take that ferry ride for a LONG time. Don't forget raingear -- and warm jackets/clothes so you can enjoy it even if it turns out to be cold and wet. Bob

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    I was looking at a website for that ferry, and it looked hideously expensive. Hundreds of dollars, especially if you were taking a car along. Plus, there doesn't seem to be any connection between the Anchorage ferries and the ferries that work the Panhandle.

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