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    Me and my fiance are flying to Vegas from Minneapolis in late June. I was wondering what is the quickest route to San Fran from Vegas, I looked on a few free sites and was wondering if there was some way to get to the 5 and take that up. We are from there going to Los Angeles to San Diego, which we have done before along hwy 1 but think we will just take the 5 down because of time concerns. From San Diego, 7 days later in all we will drive back to Las Vegas for 3 nights. I was wondering if anyone has taken the daygo vegas route and how long will it take from vegas to san fran and from daygo to vegas. Also is there any must stops, I like everything.

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    Fastest route from Las Vegas to San Francisco is I-15 to CA-58 to Stockdale Highway to I-5 to I-580 to I-880 to San Francisco. Flat out speeds will generally get you there in eight hours.

    San Diego to Las Vegas -- assuming no accidents or construction delays is about 5.5 to 6.0 hours

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